Types of Designer Area Rugs

An area rug can completely change the design and aura in a room. Area rugs amalgamate the room colors in a synchronized way and designer labels are particularly effective in doing so. They exude prominence and add structure to a room decor and thereby make a room comfortable enough by detailing and defining it in the best possible way. The right area rug has to be chosen depending on room requirements, style, lifestyle, designs, types of materials, and cost.

Flat Weave

The flat weave area rug is popularly known as “Indian blanket”. It is usually made up of cotton, jute, wool or silk and traditionally not knotted and loom woven. Thus, it is quite thin and less insulating. Its thinness adds to its inherent advantages and makes it more versatile than other styles. Depending on the type of material used in manufacturing, design pattern and size, flat weave area rugs differ from one another. However, all tend to have a slim profile and decidedly flat pile. They can thus be very well used to decor any room, being light in weight and not very heavy on the pocket. Flat weave rugs are wear-resistant and thus suitable in areas which receive high traffic such as kitchens, hallways, doorways, and offices with rolling chairs.


Needlepoint area rugs always makes a statement in any room. Spread one on the floor as an area rug or use it as a decorative piece of intricate art on the walls. Often depicting history, it is counted as one of the oldest articles of intricate rug art. Their quality depends on the thickness of the material woven into them and they are invariably visually attractive, attracting a number of art lovers and purchasers. They also carry ancient symbolism woven into them. However, they cannot withstand high-traffic areas because of their delicate designs and require care and attention to protect them from getting spoiled early in their lifespans.

traditional floor coverings

Cut Pile

Cut pile area rugs are also known as plush or textured carpet. During their sewing process, yarn loops get created. Cut pile area rugs are the result of these cut loops. It is considered to be one of the most beloved and admired carpets, made up of textiles such as wool, olefin, and nylon. The wool cut pile is a bit pricey but it is hard-wearing. To enjoy price savings and still benefit from increased durability, one may opt for a blending of materials.

Area rugs are floor coverings made up of cloth that cover finished floor areas, but that can also be placed on the wall as decorative articles. Different types of rugs can be chosen depending on the space requirement, fabric, and colors. Hopefully the foregoing review has helped to clarify some of the options available for filling your home with quality and colorful rugs and floor coverings.